Portfolio - Hamza Waleed

Portfolio - Hamza Waleed

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Glad to see you here!

If you're looking for a single-page PDF version of my work experience please check out this link.


Jobcase is a leading platform for blue-collar workers. Jobcase acquired upward.net, raised over $80 million and became the third-largest online jobs portal. I've developed multiple new features for Jobcase as Sr. Software Engineer at Arbisoft.

My achievements on this project include:

  • Led a team of seven engineers to exceed client expectations and deliver high-quality results in each sprint.

  • Led end-to-end implementation and improved performance from 20fps to 50+fps

  • Upgraded React Native from 0.64 to 0.68, resolving several breaking changes

  • Improved app speed through effective use of memoization.

  • Implemented a user-connection feature

  • Streamlined QA with the integration of Detox end-to-end testing and GitLab pipelines using custom runner

Technologies Used: Javascript, React Native, Redux, Detox, Jest, Launch Darkly, CI/CD, Fastlane, Adjust SDK

The Bitcoin Company

  • Developed TheBitcoinCompany's app, a simple, private, and easy-to-use platform for earning, learning, spending and saving Bitcoin

  • Wrote test cases to ensure reliable public releases in beta version

  • Got this freelance project from a previous client(Sifir.io) to convert mockups to responsive design, integrate APIs, and configure end-to-end testing with Detox

Technologies Used: Javascript, React Native, Redux, React Query, Detox, Fastlane, Stripe


  • Designed and coded a visually stunning, user-friendly Bitcoin open-source wallet (Sifir.io) in React Native

  • Optimized animations for fast performance and minimized JS overload

  • Provided customization options for privacy and anonymity

  • Rethought UX for optimal mobile use and accessibility for all users

Here's how it looks!

Here's my favourite animation that I developed!

The owner, an engineer from Canada, was thrilled with the results and raised my hourly rate twice in a week without my request ;)

Technologies Used: Javascript, React Native, D3.js

Anony Botter

My first personal SaaS project: a free Slack bot that allows users to send anonymous messages, as well as create and participate anonymously in polls.

See full details in my blog post: Introducing Anony Botter: The Slack Bot for Open Communication in Teams

Technologies Used: Javascript, Slack Bolt JS SDK, Vercel, MongoDB

Open Source Contribution @ freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp was going to create its own library of UI components, I got a chance to set up Typescript for their sample components, stories and update jest configurations to support TS.

Technologies Used: Javascript, Typescript, Jest, React Native